6 September 2017

Trains Cancelled/Rescheduled due to Floods over East Central Railway

I.Trains Cancelled:-

1)Train No. 15629 Tambram - Guwahati Express is cancelled o­n11th September, 2017.

2)Train No. 12507 Trivandrum Central - Guwahati Express is cancelled o­n12th September, 2017.

3)Train No. 22611 Chennai Central – New Jalpaiguri Express is cancelled o­n 13th September, 2017.

4)Train No. 15929 Tambram - Dibrugarh Express is cancelled o­n 14th September, 2017.

II.Trains Rescheduled:-

1)Train No. 12687 Madurai-Dehradun/Chandigarh Dehradun Express is rescheduled to leave at
01:15 hrs o­n 7th September, 2017 instead of 23.35 hrs of 6th September, 2017 due to late running of its pairing train.

III.Change of Originating Station:-

1)Train No. 07092 Raxaul – Secunderabad Special Train scheduled to depart Raxaul at12:45 hrs on 8th September, 2017 will depart from Barauni instead of Raxaul.