25 October 2017


 New Time Table of Eastern Railway, to be effective from 1 November, 2017, there will be new trains, extension, increase in frequency, change in terminal, change in train timings etc.
·Changes of departure timings of Mail/Express/ Passenger trains:

(a) Express trains: 12987 Sealdah-Ajmer Exp. from Sealdah at 22.55 hrs. instead of 23.05hrs,13009 Doon Exp. from Howrah at 20.25 hrs. instead of 20.30 hrs, 13118 Lalgola-Kolkata Exp. from Lalgola at 6.40 hrs. instead of 6.30 hrs. and 13114 Lalgola-kolkata Exp. from Lalgola at 16.20hrs instead of 16.10 hrs.

(b) Passenger trains: A total of 9(nine) passenger trains,

·Extension of trains: 63105 Sealdah-Berhampore MEMU passenger upto Lalgola,

·Reduction in journey times : 7(seven) Express trains and 58 (fifty eight) passenger trains,

·Change in train numbers: 6(six) Jasidih-Dumka-Jasidih passengers,

·Diversion of trains: (a)13163/13164 Sealdah-Saharsa Hatey Bazare Exp. via Purnea for two days-a-week w.e.f 5.12.2017 & 6.12.2017 from Sealdah & Saharsa respectively, (b)12353/12354 Howrah-Lalkuan Exp via Bareilley Jn.- Bareilley city w.e.f 15.12.2017 & 16.12.2017 from Howrah & Lalkuan respectively, (c) 12273/12274 Howrah- New Delhi Duronto Exp. via Jasidih-Patna Jn. w.e.f9.2.2018 & 10.2.2018 from Howrah & New Delhi respectively.

·Introduction of trains: (a) 4(four) EMU locals- 2(two) between Barasat & Hasnabad, 1(one) between Sonarpur & Diamond Harbour and 1(one) between Diamond Harbour & Baruipur, (b) Regularisation of 8(Eight) EMU locals, presently running as special trains,

·Extension of trains: 6(six) EMU locals,

·Short teremination/origination: 2(two) EMU locals,

·Change in train numbers: 3 EMU locals,

·Reduction in journey time: 12(twelve) EMU locals.