31 October 2017


The highlights of South Eastern Railway’s New Public Time Table which will be effective from 1st November, 2017 include Introduction of New Trains, Extension of Service, Increase in Frequency of Trains, Change in Train Timings, Additional Stoppages, Acceleration of Trains etc. The salient features are as follows in brief:-


Ø38435/38452 Howrah-Panskura-Howrah EMU Local will be extended to run to/from Kharagpur as train no. 38721/38728 Howrah-Kharagpur-Howrah EMU Local.

Ø8 numbers of EMU Local Trains and 01 Passenger Train has been provided with additional stoppages at different stations enroute w.e.f. 01.11.2017.


New Trains

ØOne pair of Weekly Rajdhani Express (20817/20818) between Bhubaneswar- New Delhi-Bhubaneswar via Sambalpur City-Jharsuguda-Rourkela-Chakradharpur-Anara will be introduced w.e.f 10.02.2018 (Saturday) from Bhubaneswar and w.e.f 11.02.2018 (Sunday) from New Delhi.

Consequently, w.e.f. 10-02-2018, service of 22811 Bhubaneswar-New Delhi Rajdhani Express via Bhadrak, Adra from Bhubaneswar every Saturday and w.e.f. 11.02.2018 service of 22812 New Delhi-Bhubaneswar Rajdhani Express via Adra, Bhadrak from New Delhi every Sunday will remain cancelled permanently.

ØOne pair of Weekly Humsafar Express (20822/20821) between Santragachi-Pune-Santragachi leaving Santragachi every Saturday and leaving Pune every Monday will be introduced. (The date of introduction will be notified later).

ØOne pair of Weekly Humsafar Express (22914/22913) between Santragachi- Jabalpur-Santragachi leaving Santragachi every Thursday and leaving Jabalpur every Wednesday will be introduced. (The date of introduction will be notified later).

Restoration of Services

ØThe services of 58655/58656 Ranchi- Lohardaga-Ranchi Passenger will be restored w.e.f 01.11.2017. Consequently, timings of some pairs of Passenger Trains viz. 58651/58652 and 58657/58658 Ranchi-Lohardga-Ranchi Passengers & 58653/58654 Ranchi-Tori-Ranchi Passenger will be reorganized.

Extension of Trains

Ø68082/68087 Adra-Bankura-Dhanbad MEMU Passenger will be extended to run upto Bishnupur w.e.f.01.11.2017.

Increase in Frequency

ØThe frequency of 18117/18118 Rourkela-Gunupur- Rourkela Tri-weekly Rajya Rani Express will be increased to six days a week.  (Running of additional days will be notified later).

Additional stoppages

Ø58142/58143 Hatia-Tatanagar-Hatia Passenger will stop at Jonha/Goutamdhara w.e.f. 1.11.2017.

Ø22857/22858 Santragachi-Anand Vihar-Santragachi Express will stop at Khanoodih w.e.f. 6.11.2017

Renumbering of Trains

Ø18109/18110 Sambalpur- JammuTawi-Sambalpur Link Express will be renumbered as 18309/18310 leaving Jammu Tawi and Sambalpur on and from 12.12.2017

Ø53337/53338 Garbeta-Ranchi-Garbeta Passenger will be renumbered as 58163/58164 w.e.f. 1.11.2017.

Change in Departure Time

Ø19 numbers of Mail/Express Trains will be speeded up ranging from 75 minutes to 05 minutes and 24 Passenger Trains will be speeded up ranging from 140 minutes to 05 minutes. As a result the departure time of 12 numbers of Mail/Express, 11 numbers of Passenger Trains and 4 numbers of MEMU/DEMU/EMU Locals will be changed at different originating stations ranging from 05 minutes to 280 minutes (in November 2017 issue of Public Time Table).