18 November 2017


A high-level meeting o­n the preparations for the Kumbh Mela 2019 was held between GM/NCR, Shri M.C Chauhan and Commissioner Allahabad Zone, Dr Ashish Goyal. Also present in the meeting were DRM/Allahabad, ADG/Allahabad, IG/Allahabad, DM/Allahabad, DRM/Lucknow, ADRM/Allahabad, SSP/Allahabad and PHODs/HODs & senior officers of the North Central Railway, Civil Administration of Allahabad, Lucknow Division of Northern Railway and Varanasi Division of North Eastern Railway. The meeting began with a welcome of all present in the meeting by Chief Bridge Engineer/NCR. After the welcome, discussion o­n the agenda items began. Coordination between different departments enjoined with the successful conduct of the Kumbh Mela-2019 was the first item to be discussed. The long-standing demand of a Shatabdi-class train between Allahabad and Lucknow was the next to come up. GM/NCR said that it running of such a train-shatabdi/jan Shatabdi-between Allahabad and Lucknow would be a boon for the people of both the cities and would satisfy a very important need of the denizens of both the cities. He further suggested that encroachments near the Allahabad station, bus stand etc should be removed and utilities like prepaid booths for taxis and autos should be developed. Another important issue that was discussed was the development of Subedarganj, Phaphamau, and Jhunsi stations in the form terminal stations. The major part of the meeting was devoted to Construction of ROBs o­n:

a)GT-road-Khusrobagh-lukerganj route over Howrah-Delhi railway track: To be built by North Central Railway

b)ROB near MNNIT over ALD-LKO railway track: to be built by Northern Railway

c)ROB o­n ALD-Varanasi route, near Rambagh Railway station of NER ovr Level Crossing Number ST/1B: North Eastern Railway

d)ROB o­n Level Crossing Number S-3A near Airport o­n Begum Bazaar-Bhagwatpur route lying o­n Allahabad-Kanpur Route of North Central Railway: North Central Railway

e)ROB over Level Crossing Number-28 in Phoolpur: North Eastern Railway

f)ROB in Naini: North Central Railway

g)ROB in Mauaima: Northern Railway

Apart from the above, Finalization of drawings, estimates for the construction of new ROBs in Jhalwa, Jagatpur, Bakhshi Badh and Salori; identification of parking spaces for buses at Allahabad, Subedarganj, Cheonki, Naini, Prayag, Daraganj and Jhunsi Stations; widening of steps of the new FOB built at Rambagh Station and construction of an additional FOB there; laying of 800m sewer line near Prayag Station under Rampriya Road and widening of Nawab Yusuf Road were the other issues that came up for discussion. It was decided in the meeting that coordination between all stakeholders would be stepped up and completion of all works o­n time would be ensured. The meeting was conducted in a cordial atmosphere and ended o­n a positive note