9 November 2017

Trains Diverted /Cancelled

I.Trains Diverted due to recent floods in Samastipur Division of East Coast  Rly

1)Train No. 07091 Secunderabad – Raxaul Special train which has left Secunderabad o­n 7thNovember, 2017 is diverted via  Samastipur, Muzaffarpur, Sagauli and Raxaul instead of  Samastipur, Darbhanga , Sitamarhi and Raxaul stations.

2)Train No. 07092 Raxaul – Secunderabad Special Train scheduled to depart Raxaul at 12.45hrs  o­n  10thNovember, 2017 is diverted via Raxaul, Sagauli, Muzaffarpur and Samastipur instead of  Raxaul, Sitamarhi, Darbhanga and Samastipur Stations.

II.Trains Cancelled due to Sudden Foggy Weather  in Northern Railway ­­­2017

1)Train No. 04426 Nizamuddin – Kochuveli Special Train  is cancelled o­n 11th, 18th and 25th November,2017.

2)Train No. 04425 Kochuveli - Nizamuddin  Special Train  is cancelled o­n 13th , 20th and 27thNovember,2017.