23 December 2017

Night Traffic & Power Block on Kalyan-Kasara section on 23/24.12.2017 (Sat/Sun Night)

Night Traffic & Power Block o­n Kalyan-Kasara section o­n 23/24.12.2017 (Sat/Sun Night)

Central Railway will operate a Traffic and Power Block o­n Kalyan- Kasara section o­n Up line between Atgaon (excluding) and Vasind (excluding) at Kms 85/13-15 for launching of 4 girders of 6.0 meter wide Foot over bridge at Asangaon. The block period will be -

Date of Block              : 24.12.2017 (night of 23/24.12.2017)

Duration of Block        : 22.50 hrs to 04.20 hrs (05.30 hrs)

Traffic block section   : Atgaon (excluding) to Vasind (excluding)

Due to this block, the running pattern of train services will be as under:-

Regulation of UP Mail/Express trains o­n 24.12.2017

Train No.11062 UP Darbhanga- LTT Express, 11058 UP Amritsar – Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus Express, 12541 UP Gorakhpur – LTT Express, 11016 Gorakhpur- LTT Kushinagar Express, 18030 UP Shalimar- LTT Express, 12810 UP Howrah – CSMT , 11042 UP Nagpur- CSMT Nandigram Express, 12112 UP Amaravati- CSMT Express, 12106 UP Gondia- CSMT Vidarbha Express 17058 Secunderabad- CSMT Devgiri Express12138 Ferozepur – CSMT Punjab Mail 12152 UP Howrah- LTT Express and  12290 UP Nagpur- CSMT Duronto Express and 12618 Nizamuddin- Ernakulam Mangla Express will be regulated enroute from o­ne hours  to two hours twenty five minutes.

Cancellation of Express Trains o­n 24.12.2017

Train No. 22101/222102 Mumbai- Manmad - Mumbai Rajyarani Express, 12117/12218 Manmad- LTT Godavari Express.

Divertion of Express train o­n 24.12.2017

11025 UP Bhuasval- Pune Express leaving Bhusaval o­n 24.12.2017 will be diverted via Manmad Daund section.

Short termination /Cancellation of Suburban services o­n 23.12.2017.

Asangaon local leaving CSMT at 20.56 hrs will run upto Titwala.

Asangaon-Thane  local leaving Asangaon at 23.08 hrs will remain cancelled.