23 December 2017

Partial Cancellation/Regulation/Resheduling of TrainsDue To Traffic Block For Construction of 02 Limited Height Subways between Rajpura-Kauli & Kauli- Daun Kalan Stations o­n Rajpura- Patiala Section of Ambala Division o­n Northern Railway

Strengthen the infrastructure of Railway, Ambala Division of Northern Railway is taking traffic block of 05.30 hrs. each from  10.25  a.m. to  03.55  p.m. o­n  24.12.2017  & from 10.45  a.m. to  04.15  p.m. o­n  07.01.2018 for construction of 02  Limited Height Subwaysbetween Rajpura-Kauli & Kauli- Daun Kalan Stations o­n Rajpura- Patiala Section  o­n Northern Railway . As result, the following trains will be Partially Cancelled/Regulated/Rescheduled to run o­n the section during block as under:
Partial Cancellation  of  Trains

·The 54552/54551 Bathida-Ambala-Bathinda Passenger journey commencing o­n  24.12.17 & 07.01.2018  will remain  partially cancelled between Patiala-Ambala-Patiala .

Reschediling/Regulation of Trains

The 11058 Amritsar CST Mumbai Express J.C.O. 24.12.2017 & 07.01.2018 will be rescheduled to depart from Amritsar at 09.30 a.m. instead of 08.30 a.m and will be regulated for 60 minutes enroute.