28 December 2017

Special Traffic Block at Mumbai Belapur on 27.12.2017 & 28.12.2017

Special Traffic Block at Belapur o­n 27.12.2017 & 28.12.2017

Central Railway will operate a special traffic block o­n 27.12.2017 & 28.12.2017 at Belapur from 0200 hrs on 27.12.2017(Tue/Wed night) to 0200 hrs o­n 29.12.2017 (Thu/Fri night) = 48 hrs o­n Terminal platform no.2 at Belapur.

Train running pattern o­n both dates will be as under:

Total services o­n harbour line - 604; services cancelled – 34.

However, 34 special services will be run (Panvel-18; Nerul-4; Vashi-10 & Mankhurd-2)

·During morning peak hours out of 8 Belapur originating services, 7 will run via platform no.3 at Belapur and o­ne will run from Vashi.

·During the evening peak hours out of 8 Belapur terminating services, 5 will be extended to Panvel. o­ne service will run upto Vashi and two will be cancelled.

·Out of 65 Belapur originating/terminating services during the off peak period, 31 services will remain cancelled, 18 services will be extended to Panvel, 4 services will be short terminated at Nerul, 10 at Vashi and 2 at Mankhurd

·Transharbour services will run as per schedule.

All other services from and to Vashi, Mankhurd, Chembur, Bandra and Andheri will run as per schedule. All Panvel originating/terminating locals will arrive destination 5 minutes behind schedule.