17 January 2018

Train No. 82659/82660, Yesvantpur - Belagavi -Yesvantpur Suvidha special to clear extra rush of passengers o­n Republic Day 2018

Train No. 82659, Yesvantpur - Belagavi Suvidha special departs Yesvantpur at 20:15hrs. o­n 25th January, 2018, (Thursday) and reaches Belagavi at 08:10 hrs. on next day (Friday). Enroute, the train arrives/departs Tumakuru at 21:20/21:22 Hrs., Arsikere at 23:10/23:15 Hrs., Birur at 23:57/23.59 Hrs., o­n Friday arrives/departs Davangere at 02:20/02:22 Hrs., Harihar at 02:43/02:45 Hrs., Haveri at 03:50/03:52 Hrs., Hubballi at 05:00/05:15 Hrs., Dharwad at 05:50/05:52 Hrs., Londa at 07:06/07:08 Hrs.

Train No. 82660, Belagavi -Yesvantpur Suvidha special departs Belagavi at 17:15hrs. o­n 28th January, 2018, (Sunday) and reaches Yesvantpur at 05:00 hrs. on next day Monday. Enroute, the train arrives/departs Londa at 18:08/18:10 Hrs. Dharwad at 19:30/19:32 Hrs., Hubballi at 20:15/20:25 Hrs., Haveri at 21:33/21:35 Hrs., Harihar at 22:33/22:35 Hrs., Davangere at 22:51/22:53 Hrs., o­n Monday arrives/departs Birur at 00:33/00.35 Hrs., Arsikere at 01:45/01:50 Hrs., Tumakuru at 03:43/03:45 Hrs.

The Train Composition will have 20 coaches comprising of TWO AC 2-tier Coaches,THREE AC 3-tier Coaches, THIRTEEN Second Class Sleeper Coaches and Two Luggage cum Break-van.