15 January 2018


UTS o­n mobile facility have been implemented over Southern railway with effect from April 2015 in phases.   This facility has been enabled in two options viz, paperless and with paper ticket.  The paperless ticket option is enabled over suburban section of Chennai Division.  The paper ticket option, where the ticket can be booked through mobile and print out can be taken from ATVMs / Booking counters has been enabled over Southern Railway at 128 stations where ATVMs are available.

On an average 22,040 passengers use these facility to buy tickets every day.


As an additional facility to Mobile App passengers, 25 OCR machines have been installed at 5 major Suburban Locations ( Chennai Beach, Chennai Egmore, Chennai Central, Guindy and Tambaram) each 5 machines.

These are stand- alone machines.  The passengers can book the tickets through the mobile application.  A message will be sent to the mobile. The passenger o­n reaching the station has to place his/her mobile o­n the machine in the slot.  The OCR machine will recognize the coding of the message and will print the desired ticket within 10 seconds.


A new Paperless ticketing System called ‘Book, Activate and Travel (BAAT)’ has been introduced for the convenience of the passengers, with the following features:

1)The user phone need not have GPS facility.

2)There will be no effect of geo fencing and the user can book his ticket from anywhere.

3)User can activate the ticket using the wifi system provided at the station from the predefined area in station called activation zone ( near to the booking counters in the concourse area)

4)He can travel with the activated electronic ticket o­n his mobile.  No print out is necessary.  The ticket will not be enabled and the ticket image will not be available for the passenger unless the ticket is activated.

This system will be soon introduced in Chennai Central Station and will be gradually extended to other major stations.

This facility will be more useful for the passengers, especially during the peak hour rush.