15 February 2018


3-phase indigenous EMU (Electrical Multiple Unit) train in suburban sections of Howrah-Kharagpur-Midnapur, Santragachi-Shalimar, Santragachi-Amta, Panskura-Haldia, Mecheda-Digha & Kharapur-Hijli section by the end of the February after its successful run in Central & Western Railway & introduction in Southern Railway. Integral Coach Factory (ICF) at Perambur has recently handed over o­ne 12-car rake to this railway. Four such rakes are likely to be received within few months out of allotment of 6 rakes. The new EMU train would touch a maximum speed of 105 km within 20 seconds and would enable the loco pilot to have better control.

      The new train coaches have been built with stainless steel as against carton steel used in the conventional EMUs. The coaches are fitted with LED lights along with the passenger information system (PIS). For better passenger comfort, seats in the second-class coaches are made out of polycarbonate material replacing the wooden seats in the existing EMU trains. The rake has a capacity of 6,050 passengers and the number of seats is 1,168. Besides wider windows, every coach will have a roof-mounted ventilator with sliding doors.This rake also has a facility that would help motormen communicate with the guard in case of emergencies..

            The unique feature in the 3-phase AC traction is that the train is powered by the IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) system. It will convert the kinetic energy generated during the braking of the train into electrical energy which in turn will be directed back to the power grid. So, up to 30 per cent of the power requirement of the train would get generated o­n its own. This rake has in-built systems to minimise breakdowns during the travel. The train would also have an advanced speed control system.

  Another distinctive feature in the 3-phase AC traction is that Closed Circuit Television (CCTV). CCTV System is used to capture and record the live view from IP cameras which are located in all ladies coaches for ladies security and to monitor unforeseen movements of people to prevent incidental losses. Driver / guard monitors the live views displaying in monitor which is located in driver's cabin wherever applicable. CCTV System consists of CCTV Recorder also. The train is now at Tikiapara EMU Car Shed awaiting for its commissioning.

Salient Features of new EMU trains:

·Steel Seats.

·Fitted with easy to slide, light weight sliding doors supported by imported sliding mechanism including user friendly locks, latches and maintenance free rollers.

·Roof mounted Ventilation.

·Coach body full stainless steel.

·GPS based Passenger Information System

·CCTV in Ladies Compartment.

·Fit to run at 110 kmph.

·Maximum permissible speed 105 kmph with control riding.

·3- Ø Indigenous technology  with better control & less maintenance.

·Energy efficient as during braking this will regeneration energy to the

system, Thereby saving around  30% of total energy.

·Less maintenance because of oil-free compressor.