15 February 2018

Train No. 06547/06548, Yesvantpur-Ernakulam - YesvantpurWeekly Tatkal Express from April, 2018 to June, 2018

Train No. 06547, Yesvantpur-ErnakulamWeekly TatkalExpress Specialwill run for 13 tripsfrom 03rd April, 2018 to 26thJune, 2018. The train departs Yesvantpurat 22:45hrs. o­n every Tuesday and reaches Ernakulamat 12:00 hrs.on respective Wednesday.

Enroute, the train arrives/departsKrishnarajapuram at 23:21/23:23 Hrs., and o­n Wednesday arrives/departs Bangarapet at 00:13/00:15 Hrs., Tirupattur at 01:55/02:00 Hrs., Salem  at 03:27/03:30 Hrs.,  Erode  at 04:40/04:45 Hrs.,  Tiruppur at 05:23/05:25 Hrs.,  Coimbatore  at 06:45/06:50 Hrs.,  Palghat  at 08:25/08:30 Hrs.,  Ottapalam  at 09:18/09:20 Hrs.,  Thrisur  at 10:02/10:05 Hrs., Aluva at 11:02/11:04Hrs.,Ernakulam Town at 11:40/11:45 Hrs.

Train No. 06548, Ernakulam -YesvantpurWeekly TatkalExpress Specialwill run for 13 tripsfrom 04th April, 2018 to 27thJune, 2018. The train departs Ernakulam at 14:45 hrs. o­n every Wednesday and reaches Yesvantpurat 04:30 hrs.on respective Thursday.

Enroute, the train arrives/departsAluva at 15:11/15:13Hrs.,Thrisur  at 16:30/16:35 Hrs.,  Ottapalam  at 18:43/18:45 Hrs.,  Palghat  at 19:18/19:20 Hrs., Coimbatore  at 20:37/20:40 Hrs.,  Tiruppur at 21:23/21:25 Hrs.,  Erode  at 22:10/22:15 Hrs., Salem  at 23:07/23:10 Hrs.  and o­n Thursday arrives/departs Tirupattur at 01:00/01:05 Hrs., Bangarapet at 02:18/02:20 Hrs., Krishnarajapuram at 03:15/03:17 Hrs.

            The train Composition will have ONE AC 2-tier coach, TWOAC 3-tier coaches, EIGHTSecond Class Sleeper coaches and TWO Luggage-cum-Brakevan with disabled friendly compartment.