16 March 2018


On 12th February, 2018, a progress review meeting o­n DFC works was held between GM/NCR, Shri M.C.Chauhan and MD/Dedicated Freight Corporation of India Ltd (DFCCIL) Shri Anshuman Sharma. The meeting started with GM/NCR welcoming all the officers to the meeting. In his address, GM/NCR said that DFC project is of National Importance. He emphasized that synergy needs to be developed between DFCCIL and NCR officials so as to get maximum efficiency and productivity in the work to ensure that all the works are completed o­n time. He also advised that the first phase of the Eastern Corridor of the DFC (EDFC-1), from Khurja to Bhaupur is targeted for completion in November, 2018. Progress of works in this section to be expedited and coordination meeting between MD/DFCCIL & AGM/NCR may be conducted now o­n monthly basis. Speaking o­n safety, GM/NCR said that safety is of paramount importance in train operations. DFCCIL should take all possible precautions to ensure that safety o­n the worksites is ensured, especially where the works are in progress near running tracks. It is important to note that the DFC work will improve the infrastructure and mobility in the super-saturated corridor of Delhi-Mughalsarai-Dankuni section. In DFC route o­n NCR, 49 ROBs are to be constructed, out of which 20 are to be constructed by NCR, out of them 16 have been commissioned and Railway portion of balance ROBs has been completed and their approaches are in progress by state government. Besides this, 26 more ROBs are to be constructed. DFCCIL to expedite the progress of ROB works which they are to complete for first phase of the Eastern Corridor of the DFC (EDFC-1), from Khurja to Bhaupur. GM/NCR advised that RUB works have picked up their pace but they need to be expedited further. He also advised that work of connection to yards are to be expedited jointly and day to day programme should be prepared so as to minimize its effect o­n train running. GM/NCR emphasized that in some stretches DFCCIL embankment is elevated with respect to the existing tracks of NCR. In these sections ‘pucca’ drainage should be made by mid May-2018 so that the existing track of NCR is not flooded during Monsoon. o­n need basis pumps may also be installed by DFCCIL for proper pumping out of water from drains to ensure smooth train operations. Drain works between NCR tracks and DFCCIL track must be expedited and completed before monsoon” he added. In the meeting all issues relating to construction of DFC were discussed by MD/DFCCIL and his team of officers, with officers of NCR/HQ and Allahabad Division.AGM/NCR, PHODs and HODs of NCR, DRM/Allahabad along with his officers were present in the meeting besides officers of DFCCIL. The meeting proceeded and concluded in a cordial atmosphere.