16 March 2018

Redevelopment of Railway Stations

It has been Railways’ endeavour to redevelop/develop railway stations to provide an enhanced and richer experience to the passengers.  About 600 stations have been indentified for this purpose across Indian Railway, which will be assigned to Indian Railway Station Development Corporation Limited (IRSDC) shortly.   However, as a parallel measure, it has been decided to develop about 70 stations through Zonal Railways separately including 5 stations of N.F. Railway - Katihar, Lumding, Tinsukia, Alipurduar & Rangiya.  The emphasis will be o­n having a visible change in the station without unnecessary construction all over.  Divisional Railway Managers have been directed to appoint Architectural consultant for preparation of overall architectural plan.  They may also take feedback and ideas from local stakeholders.  These works o­n the identified stations will be completed by December, 2018 and the scope/quantum of work will be planned keeping the target in mind.

Items to be covered include.

1.Improvement Fa├žade of the station building.]

2.Improvement to circulating areas duly streamlining the traffic flow Circulating area should be redeveloped to provide well regulated lanes for pick up/drop, private vehicles like car/motor bikes cycles, passenger and staff parking, exit lanes.

3.Platform surface, home end platforms – the centre 100 meter or so to be granite stone (flame burnt) and other areas to be Vacuum Dewatered Concrete.

4.Washable apron to improve sanitation, if required.

5.Systematic collection and removable of garbage.  Suitably located steel dustbins shall be provided ensuring garbage pickup and disposal system.

6.Improvement to existing waiting halls, waiting rooms, Retiring rooms.  Improved toilet facilities, drinking water arrangements etc to be provided in waiting halls.  Provision of modular water kiosks and water ATMs.  Availability of potable water at all times across the platform length shall be provided.

7.Paid executive lounge with refreshments may be provided at A1 category stations.

8.Improvement so SS/SM/Dy.SS rooms.

9.Improvement to booking areas & entry concourses.

10.Provision of widening of FOBs including provision of lifts and escalators.

11.Provision of stainless steel benches.

12.Provision of modular catering kiosks.

13.Provision of boundary walls/fences where necessary in order to prevent trespassing and provide access control, to the extent possible.

14.LED lighting to brighten up all areas.

15.Provision of tactile tiles, standard modular signages etc for Divyangian.

16.Suitably located charging points for mobile phones.

17.Station map, suitable located, and indicating the available facilities (platform wise) may be provided at stations.  Information about “Wheel chair” location and volunteers shall also be mentioned (in co-ordination with commercial department).

18.Some facilities like “Selfe Points”, “Meeting Points” etc may be created.

19.Few stations may also create their own jingle which can be played between the public announcements.

20.Any other item considered necessary by Divisional Railway Manager/General Manager.