24 August 2018

Indian Railways Limit of Free Luggage in Trains

Passengers travelling over all Indian Railways are permitted to carry luggage free of charge with them in the compartment up to 70 Kgs. in First AC, 50 Kgs. in First Class/AC-2 tier, 40 Kgs. in AC 3-tier/AC Chair Car/Sleeper Class and 35 Kgs. in Second Class. 

Passengers are allowed to book and carry excess luggage beyond free allowance, with them in the compartment up to the maximum prescribed class-wise limit on payment of charges at 1.5 times of luggage rate. The classwise maximum limit is as under:

Maximum Limit
1st AC
150 kgs
First class/AC-2 tier
100 kgs
AC 3 tier/ AC Chair Car
40 kgs
Sleeper Class
80 kgs
Second Class
70 kgs

When a passenger is detected either enroute or at the destination with unbooked or partially booked luggage weighing more than the free allowance/maximum prescribed class-wise limits, penalty as per rule is levied.