16 September 2018

Train no. 04752/04751Bathinda – Hanumangarh -Sadulpur - Bathinda Mela Express Specialtrain

The 04752 Bathinda –Hanumangarh- Sadulpur Mela Express Specialtrain will depart fromBathindaat07.00 a.m. from 11.09.2018 to 22.09.2018 to reachSadulpur at12.20 p.m. thesame day (12 Trips). In the return direction, the04751Sadulpur – Hanumangarh -Bathinda MelaExpress Specialtrain will depart from Sadulpur at 03.30 a.m from 11.09.2018to 22.09.2018to reach Bathinda at 09.25 a.m. the same day (12 Trips).

Comprising of onesleeperclass , seven general class & two disabled friendly second class cum luggage van coaches, the 04752/04751Bathinda – Hanumangarh-Sadulpur - Bathinda Mela Express Specialtrain will stop at Sangat, Mandi Dabwali, Dhaban, Sangariya, Hanumangarh, Hanumangarh Town, Tibi, Ellenabad, Nohar, Gogameri, Tahsil Bhadra, & Sidmukh stations enroute in both the directions.