3 October 2018


Connectivity to Kanchipuram will be increased by extension of a train service to Kanchipuram and by introduction of a new EMU train from Kanchipuram to Chennai with stoppages at all stations in both the directions. 

On and from 30th September 2018, Train No.40561 Chennai Beach–Chengalpattu EMU leaving Chennai Beach at 18.40 hrs and arriving Chengalpattu at 20.30 hrs is extended to Kanchipuram as Kanchipuram Passenger Special. This will leave Chengalpattu at 20.45 hrs and arrive Kanchipuram at at 21.40 hours.

On and from 1st October 2018, a new Passenger Special from Kanchipuram to Chennai Beach will be operated. This train will leave Kanchipuram at 06.10 hours, arrive Chengalpattu at 06.55, leave Chengalpattu at 07.10 hours, arrive Tambaram at 07.58 hrs, leave Tambaram at 08.00 hrs to reach Chennai Beach at 08.55 hrs, stopping at all stations.

In view of this, the following are the changes in the pattern of train services :-

·From 30th September o­nwards, Chengalpattu – Chennai Beach ( T.No 40568 o­n weekdays and Train No.40660 o­n Sundays ) leaving Chengalpattu at 20.50 hrs will be partially cancelled between Chengalpattu and Tambaram, and will be operated as a Passenger Special between Tambaram and Chennai Beach.

·Subsequently, the departure time of T.No 40804 Kanchipuram – Chennai Beach local at Chengalpattu is changed to leave at 20.35 hours instead of 20.25 hours.

·From 7th October o­nwards, T.No 40801/40802/40803/40804 Chennai Beach – Kanchipuram – Chennai Beach locals which are presently running from Monday to Saturday will be operated o­n Sundays also as passenger specials with weekday’s stoppings.

 ·From 1st October 2018 o­nwards, All the EMU passenger Specials which were introduced in view of Bus fare hike from 31stJanuary 2018 are cancelled. ( 9 EMU Passenger Specials in Chennai Beach - Chengalpattu section and 8 Passenger Specials in Chennai Beach – Velachery section )