27 February 2015

Cancellation/Regulation of Certain Trains due to Line Block on Tirupati-Katpadi Section

South Central Railway will impose line block for deep screening works between Putalapattu and Chittoor stations on Tirupati – Katpadi Section o­n Guntakal Division for 33 days from 27th February 2015 o­nwards. As a result,the following Passenger trains will be cancelled/regulated as detailed below:-

 Passenger Trains Cancelled:-
1. Train No. 57405/57406 Tirupati-Katpadi-Tirupati passenger trains are cancelled.
2. Train No. 56888/56887 Katpadi-Tirupati-Katpadi passenger trains are cancelled.

Trains regulated during this period:-

1)Train No. 17407 Tirupati-Mannargudi Pamani Express will be regulated for 20 minutes at Putalapattu only o­n Tuesdays.
2)Train No. 22616 Coimbatore-Tirupati Express will be regulated for 20/10 minutes at Putalapattu o­n Tuesdays/Fridays respectively.
3) Train No. 22618 Tirupati-Yesvantpur Express will be regulated for 20/10 minutes at Tirupati o­n Tuesdays/Fridays respectively.