Introduction of H.S.Nanded – Bikaner – H.S.Nanded Weekly Express

Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu, Hon’ble Minister of Railways will flag off H.S.Nanded-Bikaner Weekly Express inaugural service o­n 19th February, 2015 from H.S. Nanded Railway station by remote link. The details are as below:-

Train No. 17624 / 17623 Bikaner – H.S. Nanded – Bikaner Express (Weekly)
A.Inaugural Service o­n 19thFebruary, 2015:-
Train No.07623 H.S.Nanded – Bikaner Express (Weekly) will depart H.S.Nanded o­n Thursday, 19th February, 2015 at 11:10 am and arrive Bikaner at 10:05 pm o­n Friday.

B.Regular Services Commences from 21st February, 2015:-
Train No.17624 Bikaner – H.S.Nanded  Express (Weekly) will depart Bikaner every Saturday at 03:40 pm, depart Nokha at 04:32 pm, Nagour at 05:19, Merta Road at 06:37 pm, Jodhpur at 09:15 pm, Luni at 09:45 pm, Pali Marwar at 10:16 pm, Marwar at 11:08 pm, Falna at 00:04 am, Sirohi Road at 00:58 am, Abu Road at 01:50 am, Palanpur at 03:27 am, Mahesana at 04:30 am, Ahmedabad at 06:50 am, Nadiad at 07:35 am, Anand at 07:54  am, Vadodara at 08:47 am, Bharuch at 09:47 am, Surat at 11:00 am, Nandurbar at 02:05 pm, Amalner at 04:32 pm, Jalgaon at 06:15 pm, Bhuswal at 08:50 pm, Akola at 09:30 pm, Washim at 10:30 pm, Hingoli Deccan at 11:30 pm, Basmat at 00:30 am, Purna at 01:30 am and arrive H.S. Nanded at 03:50 am o­n Monday.
 In the return direction, Train No.17623 H.S.Nanded – BikanerExpress (Weekly) will depart H.S. Nanded every Thursday at 09:00 am, depart Purna at 09:50 am, Basmat at 10:05 am, Hingoli Deccan at 11:00 am, Washim at 12:00 pm, Akola at 01:55 pm, Bhuswal at 04:00 pm, Jalgaon at 04:55 pm, Amalner at 06:08 pm, Nandurbar at 07:45 pm, Surat at 11:50 pm, Bharuch at 00:36 am, Vadodara at 01:45 am, Anand at 02:17am, Nadiad at 02:34 am, Ahmedabad at 03:55 am, Mahesana at 05:57 am, Palanpur at 08:00 am, Abu Road at 08:55 am, Sirohi Road at 09:40 am, Falna at 10:56 am, Marwar at 12:40 pm, Pali Marwar at 01:04 pm, Luni at 01:40 pm, Jodhpur at 02:45 pm, Merta Road at 04:13 pm, Nagour at 05:00, depart Nokha at 06:07 pm, and arrive Bikaner at 08:00 pm o­n Friday.
 These trains consist of 17 Coaches viz., o­ne AC II tier, two AC III tier, six Sleeper Class, six General Second Class and two Second Class Luggage cum Brake van Coaches.