20 February 2015

Metro Rail Crossing Works Tomorrow - Connecting MMTS Service between Secunderabad – Lingampalli to be Cancelled

In continuation to the earlier issued Press Release No. 791 issued today i.e. 20th February, 2015, and Press Release No. 756 issued o­n 6th February, 2015, the following revision is made with regard to the connecting MMTS service for Passengers of Train No. 12025/12026 Pune – Secunderabad – Pune Shatabdi Express.

The connecting special MMTS train service which was running between Secunderabad – Lingampalli for the convenience of passengers boarding Train No. 12026 Secunderabad - Pune Shatabdi Express which is departing from Lingampalli o­n Saturdays (i.e., o­n 21st, 28th February and 7th, 14thand 21st March, 2015)is cancelled o­n account of poor patronage.

However, Train No. 47184 MMTS Special will continue to run as connecting MMTS special service for passengers arriving by Train No. 12025 Pune - Secunderabad Shatabdi Express as announced earlier i.e., it will depart Lingampalli at 02:50 pm and arrive Secunderabad at 03:34 pm o­n Saturdays (i.e., o­n 21st, 28th February and 7th, 14th and 21st March, 2015, the days when Shatabdi Express is terminating at Lingampalli).