8 March 2015

SCR’s Gross Earnings Surge by 23% to Rs.11,764 Cr. During April-2014 to February-2015 of the Current Fiscal

South Central Railway’s forward march continues with commendable performance. Consistent performance  during the Reporting Period ie., from April, 2014 to February, 2015, has resulted in the Zone posting impressive cumulative results, surpassing the Railway Board’s targets for freight loading and gross earnings, fetching laurels from Railway Board.

Improved maintenance practices, maximizing rolling stock utilization, close monitoring of running of trains,  rationalization of operational practices, have been instrumental for registering the exceptional performance.
1)Gross Originating Earnings: The gross originating earnings of SCR from freight and passenger transport, at Rs. 11,764 Cr., registered a significant growth of +23% during the reporting period (April, 2014 to February, 2015). It reflects generation of additional revenue of Rs. 2175 Cr. when compared to Rs. 9589 Cr. grossed during the Same Period of Last Year (SPLY).
2) Freight Loading: With the 9.6 MT of freight moved during  February, 2015,SCR’scumulative freight loading during the reporting period (ie., April, 2014 to February, 2015) stood at 105.92 MT as against  96.89 MT, carried during the Same Period of Last Year (SPLY). SCR posted an extraordinary incremental (extra) loading of 9.03 MT during the reporting period which is 9.30% higher when compared to the loading during SPLY. SCR surpassed the proportionate target of 102.49 MT, set by Railway Board for the reporting period (April, 2014 to February, 2015) by 3.3%.
The freight earnings till the end of February, 2015  grew to Rs. 8438.40 Cr, which is 26% higher ascompared to Rs. 6708 Cr. grossed during SPLY.  During the reporting period (April, 2014 to February, 2015), freight earnings constituted around 72% of the gross earnings of the Zone.
Commodity-Wise Goods Loading:Coal loading at 56.12 MT constitutes 53% of the total freight loading during the reporting period. Coal loading surpassed the loading during SPLY by 4.59 MT (+8.9 %). SCR loaded 26 MT of Cement, with an incremental loading of 0.43 MT (1.7 %). Petroleum, Oil and Lubricants (POL) at 0.93 MT  witnessed an incremental loading of 0.23 MT (32.7%) as compared to 0.70 MT loaded during  SPLY. Containerised Cargo loading also increased from 0.90 MT to 1.04 MT registering a growth of 16%.
Loading at Sea Ports: The cumulative loading at Krishnapatnam has gone up to 19 MT, registering 50 % increase when compared to the loading during SPLY.  Cumulative loading at Kakinada Port also registered 32% increase (5.5 MT to 7.2 MT).Coal, Iron ore, Cement and fertilizers are the major commodities being loaded at Krishnapatnam and Kakinada Ports.
Traffic Captured by SCR:Sustained marketing efforts have yielded fruitful results during the reporting period as the Zone was able to capture new streams of freight traffic such as imported Iron ore at Krishnapatnam Port,  Bauxite at Kakinada Port; export cement in containers at Mellacheruvu and Yerraguntla;  Stone chips, Quartz , rice  and coal at other loading points.
3) Passenger Transport & Earnings: Apart from regular train services, SCR also ran several special trains to clear extra rush of passenger traffic during holidays and festive seasons.  SCR carried 333 millions of originating passengers during the reporting period (April, 2014 to February, 2015) i.e., around 10 lakhs passengers o­n an average per day. The earnings from passenger transportation went up from Rs. 2418 Cr. to Rs. 2805 Cr., registering a 16% growth during the reporting period.