17 April, 2015

“Rail Museum” at Kacheguda opened for Public

A unique “Rail Museum” showcasing the origin and growth of Railways in the region has been opened at Kacheguda Railway Station premises today i.e., 16thApril, 2015. The Rail Museum can be viewed by public at large, with the entry being free for bonafide passengers having valid outbound and inbound tickets including those with platform tickets. For others, there will be a nominal entry fee. The Rail Museum is the brain child of Shri P.K.Srivastava, General Manager who conceived the plan and also identified Kacheguda Railway station as the right location, considering its heritage value in view. 
 Shri P.K.Srivastava, visited the “Rail Musuem” today to have a look at the exhibits o­n show. He was accompanied by Shri S.K.Agarwal, Additional General Manager, Shri Kabeer Ahmad, Chief Mechanical Engineer, Shri S.N.Singh, Principal Chief Engineer, Shri J.N.Jha, Chief Operations Manager, SCR and several other Principal Heads of Departments. They were welcomed by Smt Aruna Singh, Divisional Railway Manager, Hyderabad Division under whose charge, the museum has been set up and will function.
The Rail Museum offers a beautiful glimpse of vintage photographs including those pertaining to the rail network dating back to the Nizam’s time with the inauguration of Kacheguda Railway station building being a highlight. The exhibits date back to the vintage era and include signaling equipments, prototypes of various locomotives and coaches, tickets, working models etc. Taking the viewer forward from the vintage to the latest, the rail museum also offers a peek into the present times o­n railways o­n subjects as Security, Safety, Bridges etc., Yet another highlight of the museum is, an exclusive air conditioned lounge to facilitate screening of Audio-Visuals pertaining to the history and growth of railways and other short films o­n various aspects connected to railways.
In addition to the rail museum, two air conditioned Meter Guage coaches which were used to run “Heritage of Wheels” trains in Rajasthan have been set up abutting the reservation complex at Kacheguda. The ambience here has been developed with elegant canopy styled seating amidst greenery and the coaches are also planned to be utilized as uniquely designed dine in restaurant.   
The General Manager was all praise for the DRM & her set of officers and staff for commissioning the aesthetically designed Rail Museum.