Revision in the Dates of Traffic Block Between Bharatnagar and Sanathnagar Stations on Secunderabad-Wadi Section for Facilitating Metro Rail Crossing Works

SCR has revised the dates of Traffic / Power Block being imposed between Bharatnagar and                          Sanathnagar stations o­n Secunderabad-Wadi section of Secunderabad Division of SCR for carrying out          Metro rail crossing works during the month of April, 2015.
Accordingly, the traffic block will be imposed o­n 4th(Saturday), 7th (Tuesday), 21st (Tuesday) and 25th(Saturday) April, 2015. There is no change in the block duration i.e., for three hours (from 12:15 hrs to            15:15 hrs).
In view of the traffic block, the following trains are cancelled / partially cancelled / regulated as detailed below:-
1)Cancellations of Passenger Trains: (on the above mentioned Dates):
(i)        T.No.57606 Vikarabad-Kacheguda Passenger
(ii)       T.No.57518 Tandur-Hyderabad Passenger
(iii)      T.No.57517 Hyderabad-Tandur Passenger  
(iv)      T.No.57605 Secunderabad-Vikarabad Passenger.
2) Cancellation of MMTS Sub-urban Trains:(on the above mentioned Dates):
            (i)        T.No.47137     Lingampalli-Hyderabad MMTS
            (ii)      T.No.47138     Lingampalli-Hyderabad MMTS
            (iii)     T.No.47139     Lingampalli-Hyderabad MMTS
 (iv)     T.No.47189     Lingampalli-Falaknuma MMTS
            (v)      T.No.47180     Lingampalli-Falaknuma MMTS
 (vi)     T.No.47181     Lingampalli-Falaknuma MMTS
 (vii)    T.No.47215     Lingampalli-Falaknuma MMTS
            (viii)    T.No.47182     Lingampalli-Falaknuma MMTS
            (ix)      T.No.47183     Lingampalli-Falaknuma MMTS
  (x)     T.No.47185    Lingampalli-Falaknuma MMTS
(xi)    T.No.47110     Hyderabad-Lingampalli MMTS
(xii)   T.No.47111     Hyderabad-Lingampalli MMTS
(xiii) T.No.47112     Hyderabad-Lingampalli MMTS
 (xiv)             T.No.47113     Hyderabad-Lingampalli MMTS
 (xv)  T.No.47115     Falaknuma-Secunderabad MMTS
 (xvi) T.No.47198     Falaknuma – Lingampalli MMTS
 (xvii) T.No.47214  Falaknuma – Lingampalli MMTS
 (xviii)T.No.47158  Falaknuma – Lingampalli MMTS
 (xix) T.No.47169     Falaknuma – Lingampalli MMTS
 (xx)  T.No.47160     Falaknuma – Lingampalli MMTS
3) Trains Rescheduled/Regulated: (o­n the above mentioned Dates): 
(1) T.No.12748 Vikarabad-Guntur Palnadu Exp Sch.dep.13.45 hrs will be rescheduled by 45 minutes i.e at 14.30hrs from Vikarabad.
(2) T.No.18519 Visakhapatnam-Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Express will be regulated   between Kondapalli – Secunderabad for 90 mts o­n Secunderabad Division.
(3) T.No.12702 Hyderabad-Mumbai Hussain Sagar Express will be regulated between Hyderabad-Sanathnagar by 10 minutes o­n Secunderabad Division.
(4) T.No.47184 Lingampalli-Faluknuma MMTS (Sch. Departure. 14.50 hrs) will be regulated between Lingampalli-Bharatnagar by 9 minutes. 
4) Partial Cancellation of Trains:(on the above mentioned dates):
a) T.No.47200 Falaknuma -Hyderabad MMTS  (Dep. 14.15 hrs) will be partially cancelled between Secunderabad and Hyderabad.
b) T.No.12025 Pune-Secunderabad Shatabdi Express will be short terminated at Lingampalli. o­n these days, service will be partially cancelled between Lingampalli and Secunderabad.
5) Partial Cancellation of Secunderabad-Pune Shatabdi Express:
T.No.12026 Secunderabad-Pune Shatabdi Exp. will start from Lingampalli o­n Saturdays as per Schedule at 15:15 hrs from Lingampalli. The days of partial cancellation between Secunderabad and Lingampalli are as follows:

Speed restriction of 20, 30 and 50 kmph at the location during the above work will be imposed as per the requirement.