April 12, 2015

Trains Partially Cancelled / Regulated / Rescheduled due to Traffic Block for Weld Renewal work between Gollapalli - Jadcherla Stations on Kacheguda - Dhone Section

On account of Traffic Block for weld renewal work with mobile flash butt welding plant, between Gollapalli - Jadcherla Stations o­n Kacheguda – Dhone Section of Hyderabad Division, the following train services are partially cancelled / regulated / rescheduled daily for a period of two months from           08thApril, 2015 to 9th June, 2015 between 12.00 pm and  02.30 pm as detailed below:-
I)Trains partially cancelled / regulated / rescheduled:- (all days)

1.Train No. 57474 Bodhan – Mahbubnagar Passenger will be partially cancelled between Balanagar - Mahbubnagar stations and the train will run back as Train No. 57456 Ex. Balanagar to Kacheguda will depart Balanagar at 03.07 pm.
2.Train No. 57456 Mahbubnagar - Kacheguda Passenger will be partially cancelled between Mahbubnagar – Balanagar stations.
3.Train No.57426 Guntakal - Kacheguda Passenger will be regulated for 1 hour between Dhone – Gollapalli stations.
4.Train No. 57473 Kacheguda - Bodhan Passenger will be rescheduled to depart Kacheguda at 04.50 pm instead of 04.10 pm late by 40 minutes.
II.On Thursdays:- In addition to Item no. 1 to 3 as above the following repercussion will also be there:-
1.Train No. 12648 Hazrat Nizamuddin – Coimbatore Kongu Express will be regulated for 20 minutes at Gollapalli station.
2.On Thursdays Train No. 57473 Kacheguda - Bodhan Passenger will depart Kacheguda at its schedule time 04.10 pm