May 24, 2015


In a move towards ensuring safety of women commuters who travel by its local trains, Western Railway is installing Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTV) cameras inside the ladies compartments o­n trial basis.

            The video surveillance system in ladies coaches is being installed in three EMU rakes initially. 4 to 8 surveillance cameras are planned in each ladies coach to provide maximum coverage of entire area. The video surveillance system will record all the data in a digital video recorder which will have sufficient capacity to store the data for 30 days. This data can be used by investigating agency, in case of any incidence involving security of lady commuters.

            The tenders have already been awarded for this work. The cameras will have a resolution of three mega pixels with wide angles to cover all corners of the compartment. It will be installed in such a way so that the entry & exit of the compartment is covered completely to capture images of all who enter & exit the compartment. These cameras are customized for requirement of the Railway and are based o­n traction technology that can withstand shock and vibrations as trains often clock 80-100 kmph o­n suburban section.

            These CCTV cameras will play an important role in the security of the women commuters by helping the police to nab and book the offenders or illegal entrants. Subsequent to introduction of these rakes in service, feedback will be obtained from all concerned before extending it to other EMU rakes.

            The introduction of CCTV cameras in ladies compartments of the suburban trains will be the first of its kind which will go a long way in instilling the sense of security among the women commuters while acting as a strong deterrent to the anti social elements.