Unauthorized e- ticket Racket Busted by WRLy Mumbai Division’s Anti Tout Squad

A check by Anti Touting Squad of Mumbai division was  conducted at Mastermind School at L/950 Slum colony, Sachin Surat recently.  During the course of check Shri Narshinhramulu Somaiah Dasari  introduced himself as the trustee and Principal of the school. His son Shri Suraj N.Dasari was also present.  During check Shri  Narshinhramulu Somaiah Dasari  accepted that he along with his son Shri Suraj N. Dasari  was   generating e- tickets o­n personal id & selling them o­n high premium. He also accepted that most of the e tickets generated by him were o­n bogus names. To make the tickets genuine he used to take  photos of the persons approaching him for the tickets and make fake voter ID for them.  The tickets were then sold o­n a premium of Rs. 300 to Rs.500. He further stated that he was in this business since the last two years.

       During the check police found 182   e- tickets  generated o­n personal id for 860 passengers  of value Rs. 5,69,113/-, 17 Journey cum Reservation Tickets, Thirty fake voter ID cards, Twelve rubber stamps, Four mobile phones, TWO CPU’s, four diaries, 3 volt motherboard battery for cutting the hologram round, 130 passport size photographs of the persons for whom the ID was to be prepared and a  printer. A case has been registered against both the accused at Sachin police station under section 143 of Railways Act vide CR no. 36/15 .