Trains Cancelled / Rescheduled Due to Fire in Route Relay Interlocking Room at Itarsi

Due to fire in Itarsi of Bhopal Division, RRI (Route Relay Interlocking) Room,  the following trains are cancelled as detailed below:-
I)Trains Cancelled
1.Train No. 11039 Yesvantpur-Jabalpur Express of 21.06.2015 is cancelled.
2.Train No.16229 Mysore-Varanasi Express of 25.06.2015 is cancelled.
3.Train No.22683 Yesvantpur-Lucknow Express of 29.06.2015.
4.Train No.22679 Yesvantpur – Shrimata Vaishodevi Katra Express of 27.06.2015.
5.Train No.12512 Trivandrum Central-Gorakhpur Raptisagar Express of 21.06.2015.
6.Train No.16863 Bhagat Ki Kothi-Mannargudi Express of 25.06.2015.
II)Trains Recheduled:
1.Train No.12163 Dadar-Chennai Express, scheduled to depart at 20:30 hrs o­n 20.06.2015 is rescheduled to depart at 00:15 hrs o­n 21.06.2015.
2.Train No. Nanded-Amritsar Express, scheduled to depart at 9:30 hrs o­n 21.06.2015, is rescheduled to depart at 18:30 hrs o­n21.06.2015.