July 01, 2015

Cancellation of Trains Due to Damage by Fire in Route Relay Interlocking Room at Itarsi Railway Station

On account of damage to RRI Room (Route Relay Interlocking Room) at Itarsi station  on West Central Railway due to fire,  the following trains are cancelled o­n the dates mentioned below:-

I)Trains Cancelled (Originating / Terminating o­n SCR):

1)Tr. No.12723 Hyderabad-New Delhi Express o­n 05.07.2015.
2)Tr. No.12791 Secunderabad-Patna Express o­n 06.07.2015.
3)Tr.No.12792 Patna – Secunderabad Express o­n 06.07.2015.
4)Tr. No.17609 Patna- Purna Express o­n 05.07.2015.
5)Tr. No.19713 Jaipur-Secunderabad Express o­n 04.07.2015.
6)Tr. No. 12485 H. S. Nanded – Shri Ganganagar Express o­n 05.07.2015.
7)Tr. No.12486 Shri Ganganagar- Nanded Express o­n 04.07.2015.
8)Tr.No.12791 Secunderabad-Patna Express o­n 04.07.2015.
9)Tr.No.12792 Patna-Secunderabad Express o­n 04.07.2015.
10) Tr. No.22457 H.S. Nanded- Nangal Dam Express o­n 04.07.2015
II) Trains Cancelled (Passing Through SCR):
1)Tr.No. 12649 Yesvantpur –Hazrat Nizamuddin Express o­n 01.07.2015
2)Tr.No. 16317 Kanniyakumari-Jammu Tawi Express o­n 03.07.2015
3)Tr.No.12295 Bangalore –Patna Express o­n  04.07.2015
4)Tr.No.12296 Patna-Bangalore Express o­n 04.07.2015
5)Tr.No.12645 Ernakulam Jn (South)- Hazrat Nizamuddin Express o­n 04.07.2015
6)Tr.No.12669 Chennai-Chhapra Express o­n 04.07.2015
7)Tr.No.12975 Mysore-Jaipur Express o­n 04.07.2015
8)Tr.No.16032 Jammu Tawi - Chennai Express o­n 04.07.2015
9)Tr.No.22679 Yesvantpur – Sri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra Express o­n 04.07.2015
10)Tr.No.16230 Varanasi- Mysore Express o­n 04.07.2015
11)Tr.No.22354 Bangalore Cantonment- Patna Express o­n 05.07.2015
12)Tr.No.12193 Yesvantpur - Jabalpur Express o­n 05.07.2015
13)Tr.No.12647 Coimbatore - Hazrat Nizamuddin Express o­n 05.07.2015
14)Tr.No.12295 Bangalore –Patna Express o­n 06.07.2015.
15)Tr.No.12296 Patna-Bangalore Express o­n 06.07.2015
16)Tr. No.12670 Chhapra-Chennai Express o­n 06.07.2015
17)Tr.No.16864 Mannargudi – Bhagat-ki-Kothi Express o­n 06.07.2015.
18)Tr. No. 22352 Yesvantpur-Patliputra Express o­n 06.07.2015.
19)Tr.No.22645 Indore-Trivandrum Ahilya Nagari Express o­n 06.07.2015.
20)Tr.No.22683 Yesvantpur – Lucknow Charbagh Express o­n 06.07.2015
21)Tr.No.11046 Dhanbad-Kolhapur Express o­n 06.07.2015.