31 July 2015

Secunderabad-Yesvantpur-Secunderabad Garibrath Express Speeded Up

The Secunderabad-Yesvantpur-Secunderabad Garibrath Express has been speeded up to facilitate the passengers. The revised timings for the Garibrath Express which are detailed below will come into effect from 22nd November, 2015:-
Accordingly, Train No. 12735 Secunderabad-Yesvantpur Garibrath Express will depart Secunderabad at 19:50 hrs, arrive/depart Begumpet at 19.59/20.00 hrs, Lingampalli at 20:24/20:25 hrs, Chittapur at 22:49/22:50 hrs, Yadgir at 23:33/23:35 hrs, Raichur at 00:38/00:40 hrs, Guntakal at 02:20/ 02:25 hrs, Anantapur at 04:13/04:15 hrs, Dharmavaram at 05:13/05:15 hrs, Hindupur at  06:40/06:41 hrs and arrive Yesvantpur at 09:15 hrs o­n the next day.
In the return direction, Train No. 12736 Yesvantpur- Secunderabad Garibrath Express will depart Yesvantpur at 16:45 hrs, arrive/depart Hindupur at 18:25/18:26 hrs, Dharmavaram at 20:00/20:02 hrs, Anantapur at 20:33/20:35 hrs, Guntakal at 21:40/21:45 hrs, Raichur at 23:30/23:32 hrs, Yadgir at 00:30/00:32 hrs, Chittapur at 02:17/02:18 hrs, Lingampalli at 04:34/04:35 hrs, Begumpet at 04:54/04:55 hrs and arrive Secunderabad at 05:30 hrs o­n the next day.

Change in days of service for Padmavati Express and Secunderabad-Tirupati-Secunderabad Bi-Weekly Express

1.Train No. 12764 Secunderabad-Tirupati Padmavati Express will run o­n Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday instead of Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday with effect from 17th November, 2015.

2.Train No. 12763 Tirupati - Secunderabad Padmavati Express will run o­n Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday instead of Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday with effect from 18th November, 2015.
3.Train No. 12732 Secunderabad-Tirupati Bi-Weekly Express will run o­n Wednesday & Saturday instead of Tuesday & Wednesday with effect from 21st November, 2015.
4.  Train No. 12731 Tirupati – Secunderabad Bi-Weekly Express will run o­n Thursday & Sunday instead of Wednesday & Thursday with effect from 22nd November, 2015.