6 August 2015


The 2nd Foot Over Bridge (FOB) was opened today (05.08.2015) at Santragachi Station (Kharagpur end) connecting Platform No. 4/5 & 6 for the privilege of the passengers.Santragachi is o­ne of the biggest and busiest railway stations of Kharagpur Division of South Eastern Railway containing six numbers of platforms witnessing a huge number of passenger turn out.The main outlet of the station was o­nly o­ne FOB at the Howrah end connecting from platform No. 1 to platform No.6. The large number of passengers who usually get down from the trains in the platform No.4 & 5 have to go upto to the end of the Platform along with their luggage facing inconvenience for getting out of the platforms.

To save the time and to minimize the problems faced by the passengers, a 2nd FOB has been constructed at the cost of Rs. 97 lakhs for availing the opportunity for dispersal without crossing the railway track.The length of the deck slab is 28.15 metres and width of deck slab is 3.05 metres. The 2ndFOB is fully covered and the stair case has been finished with colourful Granite.After construction of 2nd FOB, passengers who are detraining at the platform Nos 4 & 5, can easily avail either the existing FOB or 2nd the FOB.