16 December 2015

Partial Cancellation / Reschedule of Trains due to Traffic Block between Ralapet-Sirpur Kagaznagar Stations

Trains Partially Cancelled:-

1. Train No.17035 Secunderabad - Sirpur Kagaznagar Express is partially cancelled between Bellampalli and Sirpur kagaznagar stations o­n 16th December, 2015.

2.Train No. 17036 Sirpur Kagaznagar – Secunderabad Express is partially cancelled between Sirpur Kagaznagar and Bellampalli stations and run from Bellampalli as per schedule at 15:15 hrs o­n 16th December, 2015.

Trains Rescheduled:-

1.Train No. 57123 Bhadrachalam – Sirpur Town Singareni Passenger is rescheduled to depart Nanded at 06:45 hrs instead of 05:45 hrs.

Trains Regulated:-

1.   Train No. 12791 Secunderabad-Dhanapur Superfast Express will be regulated for 60 minutes enroute.