24 December, 2015

Rescheduling of Trains Due to Apron Work at Platform of Narsapur Station

South Central Railway will undertake RCC Apron works at Platform of  Narsapur Station  for a period of 45 days from 24-12-2015. o­n these days, these following trains will be rescheduled / regulated as detailed below:-

Late departure of  Trains:

1)T.No.17403 Tirupati-Gudiwada-Narsapur express scheduled to depart Palakollu at 05.40 hrs, will depart Palakolllu  at 06.25 hrs.

2)T.No.17214/17232 Nagarsol-Narsapur express, scheduled to depart Palakollu at 10.43 hrs, will depart Palkollu at  11.15 hrs.
3)T.No. 17241 Narsapur-Nidadavolu-Visakhapatnam express, scheduled to depart  Narsapur at 10.00 hrs, is rescheduled to depart at  10.15 hrs.
4)T.No. 17213/17231 Narsapur-Nagarsol express, scheduled to depart  Narsapur at 10.25 hrs, is rescheduled to  depart at 11.00 hrs.
5)T.No. 77202 Gudivada-Narsapur passenger( scheduled departure at Palakollu at 06.58 hrs) expected depart at  07.15 hrs.
6)T.No. 57322 Rajahmundry-Narsapur passenger (scheduled departure at Palakollu 11.13 hrs) is expected to deapart at  12.15 hrs.
7)T.No. 77233 Bhimavarm-Narsapur passenger (scheduled departure at Palakollu 12.01 hrs ) is expected to depart at 13.00.
8)T.No. 77204 Gudiwada-Narsapur passenger (scheduled departure at Palakollu 18.33 hrs) is  expected to depart at 19.10 hrs.
9)T.No. 57264  Narsapur-Bhimavaram-Visakhapatnam passenger (scheduled departure at Narsapur 23.05 hrs) is expected to depart at  23.35 hrs.
Late arrival of  Trains:

1)T.No.17403 Tirupati-Gudivada-Narsapur express, (scheduled arrival at Narsapur 06.05hrs) is expected to arrive at 06.40 hrs.
2)T.No.17214/17232 NSL-NS express (scheduled arrival at Narsapur 11.00hrs) is expected to arrive at 11.30 hrs.
3)T.No. 77202 Gudiwada-Narsapur passenger (scheduled arrival at Narsapur 07.25 hrs) is expected to arrive at  07.30 hrs.
4)T.No. 57322 Rajahmundry-Narsapur passenger (schedule arrival at Narsapur 11.45 hrs) is expected to arrive at  12.30 hrs.
5)T.No. 77233 Bhimavaram-Narsapur passenger (scheduled arrival at Narsapur 12.20 hrs) is  expected to arrive  at  13.15.
6)T.No. 77204 Gudiwada-Narsapur passenger ( scheduled arrival at Narsapur 18.55 hrs ) is  expected to arrive at  19.25 hrs.