Cancellation / Diversion of Trains due to Line Block Between Guntur and Tenali Stations

On account of Line Block for facilitation of RCC Box Bridge works between Guntur and Tenali stations, certain trains are cancelled/diverted o­n 5th & 12th January, 2016 as detailed below:-

Trains Cancelled o­n 5th & 12thJanuary, 2016:-

1. Train No.57310 / 57309 Guntur-Tenali-Guntur passenger is cancelled.

Trains Diverted o­n 5th & 12thJanuary, 2016:-

1.Train No. 12805 Visakhapatnam – Secunderabad Janmabhoomi Express will run direct from Krishna Canal Jn to Guntur without touching Tenali station.

2.Train No. 12806 Secunderabad – Visakhapatnam Janmabhoomi Express will run direct from Guntur to Krishna Canal Jn towards Vijayawada without touching Tenali station.
3. Train No. 16093 Chennai – Lucknow Gomtisagar Express will run direct from Tenali to Krishna           Canal Jn without touching New Guntur station.