Rescheduling / Regulation of Trains due to Traffic Block between Sriramnagar and Wanaparthi Stations for Track Maintenance Works

On account of Traffic block for Track Maintenance Works between Sriramnagar and Wanaparthi stations, certain trains are rescheduled/regulated o­n Kacheguda-Kurnool City section from 4thJanuary to 2nd March, 2016 (30 days), as detailed below:-

Trains Rescheduled:-

1.Train No. 57425 Kacheguda-Guntakal Passenger is rescheduled to depart Kacheguda at 12:00 hrs instead of 10:00 hrs.

Trains Regulated:-

1.Train No. 57425 Kacheguda-Guntakal Passenger will be regulated for 35 minutes o­n Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and 60 minutes o­n Thursdays during this period.

2.Train No. 17024 Kurnool City-Secunderabad Tungabadra Express will be regulated for 15 minutes.