24 January 2016

Suburban Season Ticket Holders Allowed To Travel In Nominated Long Distance Trains on payment of differential fare.

Central Railway has decided to earmark all sleeper class coaches o­nly of Train Nos. 17412 Mahalaxmi Express, 17058 Devgiri Express and 22108 Latur- Mumbai Superfast Express as 2nd class unreserved coaches during day time between Kalyan and Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Mumbai (in Up direction o­nly) o­n experimental basis for a period of 3 months.

The monthly season ticket holders of Kalyan and Thane station are allowed to travel in sleeper class coaches of these 3 trains subject to -

1. Payment of differential fare as under-

(a) Second class season ticket holders of Kalyan and Thane have to pay Rs. 30/- per trip from Kalyan to CST and Thane to CST. Superfast charges will be levied separately wherever applicable.

(b) First class season ticket holders have to pay Rs. 20/- per trip from Kalyan to CST and Rs 10/- per trip from Thane to CST

2. To facilitate the commuters for payment of differential fare a special numbered coupons will be got printed in the booklets of 10 to 25 coupons. The sale of number of coupons restricted to maximum of 3000 per month for journey commencing from Kalyan and another 3000 per month for journey commencing from Thane. The sale of coupons will issued o­n priority basis i.e. for ladies, Senior Citizens and others as under-

(a) From 20th to 23rd of previous month to Ladies o­nly. (In January o­n 26th, 27th and 28th)

(b) From 24th to 26th of previous month for left over coupons to o­nly senior citizens above 70 years of age (In January o­n 29th and 30th)

(c) After 27th of previous month for general public for left over coupons.

3. The coupons will be printed along with other relevant information i.e.

(a) Date of Journey ....,

(b) Valid for the Month of February, 2016 o­nly (similarly for March, 2016 & April, 2016 & so o­n)

(c) Valid with MST No. ......... o­nly.

4. COUPONS REQUIRED TO BE VALIDATED BY COMMUTERS BEFORE COMMENCEMENT OF JOURNEY BY GETTING DATE STAMPED AT ORIGINATING STATION. Commuter found without coupons duly validated alongwith season ticket in the above trains will be treated as without ticket and charged with prescribed penalty charges plus unreserved second Mail/Express fare.

5. Stickers will be pasted in the sleeper class coaches of above mentioned trains for the information of reserved passengers about the travel facility provided to MST holders from Kalyan & Thane.

6. MST holders are to be ensured that no inconvenience is caused to reserved passengers to avoid complaints.

7. MST holders are advised to board in all sleeper class coaches equally or use vestibules and occupy lower berth @ o­nly 4 passengers per seat (with reserved passengers)

8. No refund / return will be entertained by Railways o­nce coupons ( Differential fare tickets) have been sold.