Trains Regulated Due to Agitation In Tuni

Train No. 12717 Vijayawada – Visakhapatnam Ratnachal Express was stopped at 15.20 hrs between Tuni and Hamsavaram Railway Stations on Rajahmundry – Visakhapatnam Section of Vijayawada Division by Kapunadu Garjana Agitators who sat on the track, climbed on the Locomotive and damaged Hose Pipe / Glasses of the Locomotive. After the passengers in the Coaches got down from the train, 4 Coaches caught fire. However, Passengers are safe.
In view of this incident, the following trains in the section are also regulated:-
1) Tr. No. 17488 Visakhapatnam – Tirupati Tirumala Express is regulated at Tuni station
2) Tr No. 18047 Howrah – Vasco –Da- Gama Express is regulated at Tuni station.
3) Tr No. 12845 Bhubaneswar – Bangalore Cantt Express is regulated at Gullipadu
4) Tr. No. 12839 Howrah – Chennai Central Mail is regulated at Narsipatnam Road
5) Tr No. 12861 Visakhapatnam – Hazrat Nizamuddin Link Express is regulated at Yellamanchali
6) Tr No.17239 Guntur – Visakhapatnam Simhadri Express is regulated at Hamsavaram
7) Tr. No. 57225 Kakinada Port – Visakhapatnam Passenger is regulated at Ravikampadu
1)Tr No. 12513 Secunderabad – Guwahati Express is regulated at Pithapuram station.
2)Tr No. 12806 Secunderabad – Visakhapatnam Janmabhoomi Express is regulated at Samalkot station
3)Tr. No.22808 Chennai-Santragachi (Howrah) Express is regulated at Rajahmundry station.
4)Tr No.11019 Mumbai CST- Bhubaneshwar Konark Express is regulated at Kovvur station
5)Tr No.12842 Chennai- Howrah Coromandel Express is regulated at Tadepalligudem station
6)Tr. No. 22884 Yesvantapur-Puri Express is regulated at Eluru station
7)Tr. No. 18646 Hyderabad-Howrah East Coast Express is regulated at Peddaavutapalle station
8)Tr. No. 22641 Tiruvanantapuram – Shalimar Express is regulated at Gannavaram station.1) Train No. 12740 Secunderabad – Visakhapatnam Garibrath Express scheduled to depart Secunderabad at 20.30 hrs today i.e., 31st January, 2016 is cancelled.2) Train No. 17487 Tirupati – Visakhapatnam Tirumala Express scheduled to depart Tirupati at 20.30 hrs today i.e., 31st January, 2016 is cancelled.