1 January 2016

W.RLY'S NEW SUBURBAN TIME TABLE w.e.f. 1st / 2nd JAN MIDNIGHT 13 Services extended – 11 speeded up

With a view to ease congestion of passenger traffic on the suburban section of Western Railway, it has been decided to make some changes in the existing suburban timetable. Accordingly, the new suburban time table will come into effect from the midnight of 1st & 2nd January, 2016. Shri G C Agrawal, General Manager, Western Railway released this new suburan time table at WR HQs Churchgate on 31st December, 2015.
As per the new time table, 13 services have been extended and 11 services are speeded up along with other changes, while the total number of suburban services will remain same i.e. 1305 including 110 harbour services. Recently, as per the new mainline time table, there are many changes in the timings of various Mail/Express trains departing/arriving Mumbai, which leads to changes in the timings of certain suburban services accordingly. The salient features of W.Rly's new suburban services are as under:-
Extension of Trains :
13 services have been extended, out of which, 7 in Dn and 6 in Up direction. In the Dn direction, 2 trains departing from Andheri for Vasai Rd will now depart from Churchgate. One Churchgate-Bandra will be extended to Borivali, one Churchgate-Vasai extended to Virar, one Borivali-Nallasopara will now run as Andheri-Virar one Churchgate-Bandra will run upto Bhayandar and one Borivali-Bhayandar will run upto Nallasopara.
Whereas in Up direction, 2 trains departing from Virar for Andheri will now run upto Churchgate, one Vasai-Andheri extended to Churchgate, one train running between Vasai Rd-Churchgate will now run from Virar, one Borivali-Churchgate will depart from Virar and one Andheri-Churchgate will depart from Virar.
Speeding up of trains :
11 suburban services will be speeded up by a range of 4 to 9 minutes. Out of these, 5 are in Up and 6 in Down direction. 10 trains between Virar-Churchgate and one between Virar-Dadar will be speeded up.
Change in timings and path of services :
There will be some change in the timings and paths of the existing suburban services due to speeding up and change in timings of Mail/Express trains, including Rajdhani group trains.
Change in pattern of running :
Due to change in the timings of Mail/Express trains, there has been a change in mode of 8 existing trains. To avoid crossovers at Andheri, some of the trains have been rescheduled.