In order to facilitate genuine users and prevent touting activities, various checks have already been put in place for the booking of e-ticket/i-ticket o­n IRCTC website.

            To further prevent any possible misuse, Ministry of Railways has now decided that effective from 15th February, 2016, a maximum of 6 tickets can be booked o­nline by an individual user in a month o­n IRCTC website. This will replace the existing system under which a maximum of 10 tickets can be booked o­nline through IRCTC website in a month by an individual. However, the existing condition will continue wherein these booking will be subject to a limit of booking 2 opening Tatkal tickets in 10:00-12:00 hours period in a day and 2 opening Advance Reservation Period(ARP) tickets in 08:00-10:00 hours period in a day.

            This has been done keeping in view the analysis of usage of quota of 10 tickets which indicated that 90% of users are booking upto 6 tickets in a given month and o­nly 10% are making more than 6 tickets.  It is suspected that the 10% users might be involved in touting activities.  Therefore to deter such touts and to facilitate genuine users, it has been decided that a maximum of 6 tickets can be booked by an individual user in a month.