February 26, 2016


• ‘Tejas’ Premium Superfast Express: with entertainment, better aesthetics, vending machines, ushers-Rail Budget Highlights -2016
• ‘Humsafar’ Full 3AC Express with optional food services / ‘UDAY’ overnight, double decker superfast service on highly patronized routes- Rail Budget Highlights -2016
• ‘Rail Mitra Sewa’ Concierge Services: Battery operated cars, porter services, wheel chairs etc- Rail Budget Highlights -2016
• ‘Antyodaya’ Express : Unreserved, second class, superfast trains / Travel Insurance for passengers- Rail Budget Highlights -2016
• UTS tickets sold through handheld POS terminals/ Platform tickets through ticket vending machines / Normal debit/credit card usable at ticket vending machines- Rail Budget Highlights -2016
• To cancel tickets Dial 139 /CCTV surveillance of Tatkal counters / All operational halts to become commercial halts- Rail Budget Highlights -2016
• Multipurpose stalls at stations/ PA systems leased to FM Radio companies in trains/ One divyang toilet per platform in A1 class stations- Rail Budget Highlights -2016
• Bar-coded tickets, scanners and access control at select stations/Hourly booking of Retiring Rooms- Rail Budget Highlights -2016
• SMART coaches - better customer experience, high carrying capacity and lower costs / All new stations would be made accessible by all- Rail Budget Highlights -2016
• Standardized uniforms across for customer facing roles / PR skill training for customer facing roles- Rail Budget Highlights -2016
• Rail Bandhu magazine in regional languages in A/C reserved class in Mail/ Express - Rail Budget Highlights -2016
• New uniforms for Porters called 'Sahayak’ with advertising banners & soft skill to improve customer experience - Rail Budget Highlights -2016
• GPS enabled LED boards for real time information of approaching stops on trains /Information boards in trains to communicate various on-board services2 - Rail Budget Highlights -2016
• ‘Deen Dayalu’ coaches for general passengers with Potable water, water level indicators, mobile charging points- Rail Budget Highlights -2016