One Superfast Special Train between H.Nizamuddin and Secunderabad o­n 29th February, 2016

Train No 02724 H.Nizamuddin-Secunderabad Superfast Special train will depart H.Nizamuddin at 17:05 hrs o­n 29th February, 2016 and arrive Secunderabad at 19:25 hrs o­n the next day.

Enroute, this special train will stop at Jhansi, Bhopal, Nagpur and Balharshah stations.

This special train will consist of 24 coaches viz., o­ne AC Ist Class, two AC II Tier, three AC III Tier, twelve Sleeper Class, two General Second Class, o­ne Pantry Car and two Second Class Luggage cum Brake Van Coaches.