Audit of train operations for late running of trains

Railway is in the process of getting the audit of train operations conducted particularly over Mughalsarai-Allahabad-Kanpur-Ghaziabad section of Allahabad division of North Central Railway primarily due to major operational problems resulting in late running of passenger carrying trains in the above section.

On Indian Railways, trains delays have been felt most on Mughalsarai-Allahabad-Kanpur-Ghaziabad-Delhi sector, which is facing severe capacity constraints with line capacity utilization being 150%. This sector connects the northern parts of the country to the rest of India and deals with not only passenger traffic but also freight traffic including raw materials, coal, Petroleum products, food grains, fertilizer, steel, export-import oriented container traffic etc. A number of steps have been taken to improve the punctuality of Mail Express trains on this route which has improved the Punctuality position of North Central Railway as a whole to almost 50% in February 2016 from 42% [cumulative for the financial year 2015-2016 (upto February, 2016)].