March 19, 2016

Cancellation Of Train Due To 5 Traffic Blocks For Construction Of 10 Low Height Subways (LHS) on Khurja Jn.-Meerut City Section

The provision of LHS in lieu of existing level crossings has manifold advantages like: safe and uninterrupted passage to the road vehicles/pedestrians across the railway track, increase in safety to both train operations and road users, elimination of manpower used for manning level crossings. Also this is economical and faster in execution and commissioning.

Due to aforesaid construction work of 10 LHS, there will be 5 traffic blocks for the duration of 5 hours 30 minutes each o­n 18/22/30.03.2016 & 05/10.04.2016. As a result the following trains scheduled to run through the section during the period of blocks will be cancelled as under:

Cancellation Of Train On 18/22/30.03.2016 & 05/10.04.2016
·The 54404/54403 Meerut City- Khurja Jn.- Meerut City passenger Train will remain cancelledon 18/22/30.03.2016 & 05/10.04.2016.