March 25, 2016


Train No. 06505 YESVANTPUR-BHAGAT KI KOTI WEEKLY SUVIDHAEXPRESS SPECIAL  departs at Yesvantpur at 08-45 hrs. onWednesday, commencingfrom 30th March, 2016to20th April, 2016 (04 Specials)and arrives at Bhagat Ki Koti station at 04-00 hrs., o­n Fridays.

En route, the Bi-Weekly Suvidha Express Special arrives/departs atTumakuru at 09-45/09-47 hrs; Arsikere at 11-20/11-25 hrs; Birur at 12-05/12-06 hrs; Davangere at 14-00/14-02 hrs; departs at South Hubballi station at 16-50 hrs; HUBBALLI at 17-00/17-15 hrs; Dharwad at 17-35/17-37 hrs; Belagavi at 20-20/20-22 hrs; Miraj at 23-00/23-05 hrs; Satara at 01-07/01-10 hrs.(Thursday); Pune at 05-05/05-10 hrs; Lonavala at 06-20/06-22 hrs; Panvel at 07-55/08-00 hrs; Vasai Road at 09-15/09-20 hrs; departs at Virar at 09-26 hrs; arrives/departs at Vapi at 10-43/10-45 hrs; Surat at 12-10/12-20 hrs; Bharuch at 13-03/13-05 hrs; Vadodara at 14-03/14-13 hrs; Anand at 14-42/14-44 hrs; Nadiad at 14-59/15-01 hrs; departs at Geratpur at 15-47 hrs; arrives/departs at AHMEDABAD at 16-10/16-30 hrs; Mahesana at 17-38/17-40 hrs; Palanpur at 20-30/20-32 hrs; Abu Road at 22-40/22-50 hrs; Falna at 00-20/00-22 hrs.(Friday); Marwar at 02-00/02-02 hrs; and arrives/departs at Pali Marwar at 02-27/02-32 hrs.

In the return direction,  Train No. 06506 BHAGAT KI KOTI-YESVANTPUR WEEKLY SUVIDHA EXPRESS SPECIAL  departs atBhagat Ki Koti station at 18-00 hrs. on Fridays,commencingfrom01stto 22nd April, 2016 ( 04 Specials) and arrives at Yesvantpur at 16-45 hrs., o­n Sundays.

En route, the Bi-Weekly Suvidha Express Special arrives/departs at Pali Marwar at 19-10/19-15 hrs; Marwar at 19-55/19-57 hrs; Falna at 20-52/20-54 hrs; Abu Road at 22-35/22-45 hrs; Palanpur at 00-30/00-32 hrs.(Saturday); Mahesana at 01-25/01-27 hrs; AHEMADABAD at 03-50/04-10 hrs; departs at Geratpur at 05-08 hrs. ; arrives/departs at Nadiad at 05-45/05-47 hrs; Anand at 06-15/06-17 hrs; Vadodara at 07-05/07-10 hrs; Bharuch at 08-10/08-12 hrs; Surat at 09-35/09-40 hrs; Vapi at 11-06/11-08 hrs; departs at 13-30 hrs; arrives/departs at Vasai Road at 14-25/14-30 hrs; Panvel at 15-55/16-00 hrs; Lonavala at 18-00/18-03 hrs; PUNE at 20-05/20-15 hrs; Satara at 22-52/22-55 hrs; Miraj at 03-05/03-20 hrs.(Sunday); Belagavi at 05-40/05-42 hrs; Dharwad at 07-30/07-32 hrs; HUBBALLI at 08-20/08-35 hrs; departs at South Hubballi at 08-45 hrs; arrives/departs at Davangere at 11-02/11-04 hrs; Birur at 12-50/;12-51 hrs; Arsikere at 13-40/13-45 hrs; Tumakuru at15-10/15-12 hrs.

TheWeekly Suvidha Express Special will have total 18 Coaches, consisting One AC 2-tier coach, Four  AC 3-tier coaches, Eleven Second Class Sleeper coaches &Two Second Class Luggage-cum-brake Vans-cum-Disabled coaches.