April 13, 2016

Cancellation Of 13131/13132 Anand Vihar T.- Kolkata Express Train Due To Traffic Block On Howrah Division

Railway will undertake the Non- Interlocking work in connection with Commissioning of New Jubilee Bridge between Hughlee Ghat-Garifa-Naihati Stationson Howrah Division from 14.04.2016 to 19.04.2016.
.           Due to aforesaid work, the train no. 13131 Kolkata- Anand Vihar T Express train will remain cancelled from 14.04.2016 to 19.04.2016. Consequently, the 13132 Anand Vihar T.- Kolkata Express train will also remain cancelled from 16.04.2016 to 21.04.2016.