Special Traffic & Power Block for DC-AC Conversion of Harbour Line and Transharbour Line on 9/10.4.2016

Special Traffic & Power Block for DC-AC Conversion

Last DC special 9-car local to run from Kurla to CST

Central Railway will operate o­n CST-Panvel Up and Dn Harbour Lines and Thane-Vashi/ Belapur/Panvel Up and Dn Transharbour Lines including yards, sidings, etc. for 25 KV AC charging as under:

Duration of OHE Block from 0015 hrs to 0615 hrs o­n 9/10.4.2016

Duration of Traffic Block from 2330 hrs to 0620 hrs o­n 9/10.4.2016

A DC special 9-car local will run from Kurla Dep 2330 hrs to CST Arr 2359 hrs o­n 9.4.2016

Suburban services between CST-Panvel/Andheri o­n harbour line and Thane-Vashi/ Nerul/Panvel o­n Transharbour line will remain suspended o­n Up and Dn lines.

Dn Harbour Line Last Locals

PL-189 CST Dep 2249 hrs Panvel Arr 0007 hrs

V-65 CST Dep 2320 hrs Vashi Arr 0008 hrs

AD-83 CST Dep 2307 hrs Andheri Arr 2349 hrs

Up Harbour Line Last Locals

PL-184 Panvel Dep 2229 hrs CST Arr 2347 hrs

AD-78 Andheri Dep 2206 hrs CST Arr 2249 hrs

B-84 Bandra Dep 2236 hrs CST Arr 2304 hrs

Dn Harbour Line First Locals

PL-27 CST Dep 0628 hrs

AD-13 CST Dep 0640 hrs

Up Harbour Line First Locals

PL-22 Panvel Dep 0635 hrs

BR-18 Belapur Dep 0641 hrs

Special Vashi Dep 0630 hrs

B-12 Bandra Dep 0610 hrs

AD-10 Andheri Dep 0618 hrs

Dn Transharbour Line Last Locals

TPL-53 Thane Dep 2255 hrs Panvel Arr 2346 hrs

TV-109 Thane Dep 2240 hrs Vashi Arr 2309 hrs

Up Transharbour Line Last Locals

TPL-54 Panvel Dep 2116 hrs Thane Arr 2207 hrs

TV-112 Vashi Dep 2325 hrs Thane Arr 2354 hrs

Dn Transharbour Line First Locals

TNU-3 Thane Dep 0627 hrs

TPL-7 Thane Dep 0706 hrs

TV-11 Thane Dep 0717 hrs

Up Transharbour Line First Locals

TPL-8 Panvel Dep 0619 hrs

TV-10 Vashi Dep 0648 hrs

As against 590 scheduled services o­n 9.4.2016, 557 services will be run and as against 492 services o­n 10.4.2016, 413 services will be run o­n Harbour line

As against 232 scheduled services o­n 9.4.2016, 226 services will be run and as against 210 services o­n 10.4.2016, 195 services will be run o­n Transharbour line

Running of Mail/Express Trains o­n 9/10.4.2016

12167 LTT-Varanasi Express will arrive Thane o­n Platform No.5 instead of Platform No.7

Following Up mail/express trains will be diverted o­n Up local line from Diva to Matunga / Mulund and halt at Thane platform no.4 twice and arrive destination 30 minutes behind schedule:

11028 Chennai Central-Mumbai Mail

11058 Amritsar-Mumbai Express

51034 Sainagar Shirdi-Mumbai Fast Passenger

16382 Kanyakumari-Mumbai Express

11062 Darbhanga-LTT Express

12541 Gorakhpur-LTT Express

11016 Gorakhpur-LTT Kushinagar Express

There will be NO MEGA BLOCK o­n main line and harbour line during day time o­n 10.4.2016