July 24, 2016

CCTV Cameras At Railway Stations

Close Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV) have already been provided at 344 railway stations over Indian Railways. Railways have further planned to install Video Surveillance System (VSS) at 1000 stations under Nirbhaya Fund. Total estimated cost of VSS chargeable to Nirbhaya Fund stands at ₹ 500 crore. Installation of CCTV cameras also forms part of Integrated Security System (ISS) and total estimated cost at 202 stations stands at ₹ 252.76 crore.

The facility would be extended to 1000 stations, including Category ‘C’ suburban stations.

(d): Strengthening and upgradation of security infrastructure is an ongoing process. Strengthening of CCTV surveillance system at the major stations is being done as per requirement. Round the clock surveillance is being kept through CCTV cameras for the passenger safety.