July 01, 2016


To cater to rush of passengers/devotees during RATHA YATRA & ULTA RATHA YATRA UTSAV at Shrirampur (Mahesh) and Guptipara, Eastern Railway has arranged to run a total of two pairs of EMU Special Trains, o­ne pair each between Howrah & Sheoraphuli and Bandel & Katwa stations o­n 6  July and 14 July, 2016.

          The Up Howrah-Sheoraphuli EMU Special leaving Howrah at 16:05 hrs. will arrive at Shrirampur at 16:36 hrs. and reach Sheoraphuli at 16:40 hrs., while the Down Sheoraphuli-Howrah EMU Special leaving Sheoraphuli at 16:55 hrs. will arrive at Shrirampur at 16:59 hrs. and reach Howrah station at 17:30 hrs.

          The Up Bandel-Katwa EMU Special leaving Bandel station at 14:00 hrs. will arrive at Guptipara at 14:37 hrs. and reach Katwa at 16:20 hrs., while the Down Katwa-Bandel EMU Special leaving Katwa station at 18:05 hrs. will arrive at Guptipara at 19:25 hrs. and reach Bandel station at 20:20 hrs.

          These trains will stop at all stations enroute.