Strengthening bilateral ties and Transforming Indian Railways

To fast track the various developmental projects of Indian Railways, the Ministry of Railways have signed a number of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with various Foreign Railways/ Foreign entities for works like station development/ redevelopment, high speed railways, rolling stock modernization etc. Starting August 2014, MoU were signed with 12 countries for various projects. The details of MoU including Cooperation areas are:
1. People Republic of China (September 2014)
· -speed raising of existing lines in India· -High Speed railways · -Training · -manufacturing locomotives and rolling stocks · -Station development  · -Railway University  
2. Czech Railways (August 2014)
· -Automobile transport logistics · -Speed raising to 200 kmph · -Station development  · -Workshop modernization · -ICT technologies for passenger amenities · -Rolling Stock Modernization · -Signalling and telecom modernization  
3. Republic of Korea (South Korea November 2014)
· -High Speed Railways · -Modernization of rolling stocks and S&T · -Modernization of Railway operation and management  · Development of inter-modal transport, logistics parks and freight terminals · -Exchanges of construction and maintenance technologies for fixed infrastructure  
4. France (Protocol with SNCF, April 2015)
· -Upgrading of current passenger services to SHS (Semi High Speed) upto 200 kmph on the Delhi-Chandigarh Corridor. · -Renovation concept design of Ludhiana and Ambala Stations  
5. Canada (April 2015)
· -Freight movement · -Rail Safety regulations, including level crossings  
6. Kazakhstan (July 2915)
· -Rolling stock and train operations · -Modernization of signalling and communication system · -Development of inter-modal transport, logistics parks and freight terminals  
7. Slovak Republic (August 2015)
· -Station development and workshop modernization  · -Modernization of rolling stocks · -Modernization of signalling and telecom  
8. Germany (Joint Declaration of Intent, October 2015)
· -Commission and Finance a study on the feasibility of high speed rail in India  
9. UK ((November 2015)
· -Modernization and upgrading of existing rail corridors · -High Speed Rail · -Structuring PPP projects · -Modernization of Railway Stations  
10. Japan (December 2015)
· -Railways Safety · -Rolling stocks including train sets/ EMUs · -Information sharing for station development and land value capture · -Information sharing for environment friendly sanitation technology in trains · Signalling and telecommunication · -Railway Electrification · -Civil structure and railway track system · -Train control System · -Mitigation of natural disasters  
11. Japan (between RDSO and RTRI) December 2015
· -Safety in train operations · -Advanced techniques of maintenance · -Use of environmental friendly technologies · -Throughput enhancement measures  
12. Japan (HSR) December 2015
· -Mumbai Ahmedabad high speed rail corridor (MAHSR) will be developed using Japanese High Speed Rail technologies (i.e Shinkansen System) and experiences, in line with the result of the joint feasibility study on MAHSR.  
13. Russia (December 2015)
· -High Speed Rail · -Modernization of existing rail lines in order to raise speed up to 160-200 kmph · -Modern control and safety related systems based on Satellite navigation and digital communication means · -Satellite and geo-information technologies · -Transportation safety and cyber security · -Rolling Stock · -Heavy Haul transportation · -Organisation of Human Resources training for the Indian Railway, secondary and higher vocational education of students and advanced training of staff members including managers  · -Station redevelopment · -Dedicated Freight rail corridors · -Modernization, reconstruction and construction of track superstructure, civil engineering works, including bridges, tunnels and slab tracks.  
14. Sweden (February 2016)
· -Benchmark railway policy development, regulations, organisation and specific characteristics for each country · -Exchange of knowledge, technical expert, innovation technology, sustainable solutions and research · -Other cooperation projects agreed between the participants such as freight operations in cold regions, tilting coaches/trains, capacity allocation (time tabling) and optimization of maintenance and improved freight/ combination traffic. · -Training and continuing education program in reliability and maintenance of rail transport system for railway engineers and managers.