August 02, 2016


The trial run by Indian Railways for the high-speed Spanish-built Talgo train between Delhi-Mumbai route began on Monday. At the speed of 130 kmph, the high-speed Talgo is expected to reach New Delhi in four hours less than the time taken by Rajdhani Express—covering the route in 12 hours 36 minutes.
In today’s trial, due to track wash out between Delhi to Mumbai route, Talgo train trial was affected. However, upto Ratlam, the Talgo high-speed train was running before time.
Also, prima-facie comparison of running time of Talgo train and Rajdhani Express showed that Talgo took 118 minutes less than Rajdhani Express from New Delhi- Surat.
The average running speed of Rajdhani from New Delhi- Surat was 89.76 kmph whereas the average speed of Talgo train for the same route was 106.52 kmph.
Further three more trials of Talgo train will be carried out between Delhi to Mumbai in coming days.