Main Features of the Scheme
Ø  The facility is reserved for passengers of Indian Railways who book e-ticket, excluding suburban trains, through its official website, irrespective of the class of the ticket.
Ø  The facility is available only for confirmed and RAC tickets.
Ø  Coverage for all passengers excluding children below 5 years of age and foreign citizens.
Ø  The scheme is also applicable for Vikalp trains, short termination and diverted route. In case of short termination, if the passenger opts for alternate mode of transportation arranged by Railway upto the destination station, then this part of the journey of the passenger shall also be covered under the policy taken.
Ø  Coverage for train accident and untoward incident cases will be as per definition under Sections 123 read with Sections 124 and 124A of The Railways Act, 1989 subject to the qualification that the coverage will be valid from the actual departure of train from the originating station to actual arrival of train at the destination station including process of entraining and detraining the train.
Ø  Premium of less than Rs.1/i.e. 92 paisa.
Ø  Coverage :
Death or permanent total disability       -           Rs.10 Lakh
Permanent Partial Disability                  -           Rs.07.5Lakh (upto)
Hospitalization Expenses                                  -           Rs.02 Lakh(upto)
Transportation of mortal remain                        -           Rs.10,000/-

Ø  Scheme implemented in partnership with Shriram General Insurance Company Limited, ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Ltd. And Royal Sundaram General Insurance company Limited selected through transparent bidding process.
Ø  The three selected insurance companies will get the insurance policy on a rotation basis through an automated system.
Ø  Necessarily covers all passengers booked under a particular PNR number and the premium charged accordingly when insurance option is exercised.
Ø  No refund of the premium shall be given to the insured in case of the cancellation of ticket, for the time being.
Ø  In case of passenger opting for insurance, the claim/liability shall be between passenger and the insurance company.
Ø  The claims of compensation should be lodged within four months of the event.
Ø  The insurance company is required to process the claim and send the cheque to the insured/nominee/legal heir within 15 days of the receipt of document.

Process/Flow : -
Ø  Passenger will login at www.irctc.co.in
Ø  After filling the travel details, there will be an option for Travel Insurance available through a checkbox with Yes/No option at the time of e-ticket booking
Ø  If the passenger does not want to take insurance cover then he will have to select No. If passenger selects YES and accepts the Terms & Conditions, the premium amount will be automatically added to the ticket amount. Payment for Railway Fare, and premium will be shown separately and payment will be made by the passenger.
Ø  SMS/E-mail will be sent by the insurance companies to the passenger confirming the policy number along with the link to update nomination details.
Ø  Nomination details to be filled by the passenger at the link provided. If passenger fails to update nominee details then the claim will be settled in favour of legal heirs.
Ø  Policy number and Name of the Insurance Company can also be viewed from Ticket Booked History page at www.irctc.co.in.